A New Series

My goodness it has been a long time since my last post. However, I do have the best excuse in the world. My younger son was married in July and I my entire focus, pre-wedding, was to support the young couple and to get in shape and look as good as possible in the wedding photos. Yes, I’m that vain! To help motivate me I went wedding-outfit shopping in January and bought a gorgeous dress , two sizes too small. I then spent the next five months getting fit enough to wear it. And I did it! Yeah! It was a beautiful wedding. People may moan about ‘millennials’ but the 70 or so young people who gathered to help my son and his bride celebrate their wedding day were the loveliest, funniest, most polite and thoroughly charming group of people I have ever enjoyed a day with.

Since we came back from London I have been working hard on the first book of my new series Lady Cavendish Investigates.  This series had its genesis when my editor was working on The Captured Heart, the fifth in my Loving Hearts series. He suggested that I could write a series about the leading characters, Cecily and Dominic, who investigate a murder while falling in love. ‘A Regency Tommy and Tuppence.’ was how he put it. And so, since I’ve always loved murder mysteries, and historical murder mysteries especially, I’ve taken his advice and the result is Death Where Is Thy Sting: A Regency Mystery. As the book opens, Cecily and Dominic have been married for two years, the war with France is over and Napoleon safely deposited on Saint Helena. Dominic is working for ‘the Minister’ in a secret government department, and Cecily is ripe for something exciting to do – such as investigating the strange occurrences at Coningsby Park!

The final stages are underway and barring the unforeseen, the book should be published next weekend.