Mysterious Masquerade is on Sale

I’m loving the sales from my sales so now it’s the turn of  Mysterious Masquerade which will be priced at 99 cents until August 8th.

mysterious masq 5.5x8.5inch2This one was a slight departure for me as the plot is more than just something to hang the romance on, there’s an element of espionage and a hero, the Duke of Staynes, who is much more than a dandy. There are also more fight scenes, as you might expect. I do like to do my research so when I was getting ready to write the climactic fight I downloaded several famous film fights from YouTube and made notes. The most useful for my purposes was the one from the The Quiet Man between John Wayne and Victor McLaglen. You might recognise elements if you’re a film fan.

My heroine, Angel, doesn’t live up to her name either in the ballroom or the bedroom, but the Duke doesn’t seem to mind.

There’s a nice, romantic sub-plot, which one reviewer liked better than the main plot, and a few comic characters including a ditsy duchess, a soldier-of-fortune, and an Italian Macaroni.  All that for 99 cents – it’s a bargain!

Merry Masquerade is now on Sale!

Merry Masquarade 5.5x8.5inch2Most books sell well in the first few weeks and then there’s a drop off. In the world of traditional publishing, these books are remaindered, pulped and never seen again except in charity shops. But, the wonderful thing about e-books is that they hang around for, as far as we know, all eternity. So it’s possible to give them a new lease of life.

Merry Masquerade will, therefore, be on sale for a month, 99cents in the US, 77p in the UK and a corresponding reduction on all other Amazon sites.

Merry Masquerade is as frothy as a glass of champagne, as frivolous as a pink parasol and as sexy as Victoria’s Secret underwear. My heroine, Clarissa,  is feisty, funny and knows exactly what she wants. And what she wants is Robin, handsome, wicked, down-on-his luck and madly in lust.

Masquerading as maidservant, Rose, to escape an odious suitor, she allows Robin and his eccentric aunt to teach her to speak, eat, dress and dance like a lady, all things she knows as well, if not better, than they do.  She drinks from finger bowls, trips up her partner in the waltz and drives her poor mentors insane with her sudden and always inconvenient lapses into a broad Devonshire accent.

But the odious suitor is in pursuit and things become a little darker and a little more dangerous for the lovers. Should Clarissa trust Robin to keep her safe? Merry Masquerade (A Regency Masquerade) Merry Masquerade (A Regency Masquerade)

Magical Masquerade in Paperback

The paperback is is now available from these on-line stores:

Magical Masquerade at: Magical Masquerade: A Regency Masquerade (Volume 4) Magical Masquerade: A Regency Masquerade: 4

Createspace store:

Tides of Fire Paperback available from Amazon and It’s On Sale

tides of fire 5.5x8.5inchesThe paperback edition is now showing on, and the great and powerful Zon has it on sale. Usual price is $12.20, the sale price is $10.84. Here’s the link: Tides of Fire Paperback Tides of Fire Paperback

7 Day Sale

To celebrate the publication of Magical Masquerade, all my other Regencies are on sale for 7 days.


Tides of Fire Paperback Published

tides of fire 5.5x8.5inchesThe paperback is out and it looks amazing. It takes a few days to appear on Amazon but it is available from this site now by clicking on the link below:

Tides of Fire


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